A downloadable game for Windows

In this third person action packed hack N slash you play as teddy bear named Bjorn, Defender of Dreams, protecting your human companion against the creatures that haunt their nightmares.

You’ll traverse this nightmare carnival, hammer in paw, smashing your way through hordes of monstrous Clowns and Carnival Workers in order to defeat the Sandman and rid your human companion of their nightmares. 


- Four abilities that work on a cool down system

- A 1940’s inspired aesthetic

- An original cast of characters, from our hero Bjorn to our monstrous trio of carnival workers


WASD: Movement

Left Click: Attack 

Shift: Dash Charge

Q: Whirlwind 

E: Hammer Smash

R: Axe Throw


Dreams of the Little Ones // Download


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Really interesting demo, looking forward to seeing how much more is made for it. Mouse sensitivity option would be nice as it was really sensitive. Like the artwork and the narrative.

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